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  • John Sherstobitoff wins 2019 Meritorious Achievement Award

    Congratulations to John Sherstobitoff, recipient of the 2019 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) Meritorious Achievement Award.

  • Adverse effects of snow and ice on the breakaway resistance of base-isolated buildings

    Base isolation is used to improve the seismic performance of buildings by decoupling the movement of the building from the seismic motion of the ground.

  • BC Ministry of Education seismic retrofit guidelines, 2020 edition liquefaction guidelines – geotechnical and structural considerations

    Close collaboration between geotechnical and structural engineers is essential to assess liquefaction demands and the influence on structural response, and to ensure retrofit design is carried out only if required.

  • Seismic upgrade of the Canadian parliament building: Part 4 – Analytical modelling

    This paper provides an overview of the analysis and a summary of the seismic isolation bearing system developed, and the system base shear and displacement results. The targeted system response curve is discussed along with some additional considerations for isolated buildings located in cold climates.