• Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • The long haul: Our 30-year commitment to the first multi-product pipeline in a mountainous region

    Antamina Multi-Product Concentrate Pipeline System

  • Increasing berth utilization with alternative technology

    Containerized bulk handling is a relatively low capital investment option to increase berth utilization.

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic engineering for first oil production platform in Russian Arctic

    Molikpaq Spacer and Modifications

  • Minas Rio: Expansion pre-feasibility study for iron ore transportation system

    Minas Rio Iron Ore

  • Simulation modelling for bulk terminals

    Simulation modelling can add considerable value in bulk terminal operations planning processes by identifying design and operational solutions that drive process improvement and performance optimisation. Find out how.

  • Implementing containerised bulk handling at Las Bambas

    For the Las Bambas copper mine in Peru we integrated a modern multi-modal containerised bulk handling system into a conventional bulk terminal logistics system.

  • Modern containerized bulk handling

    Recent developments in containerized bulk handling technology remove many of the challenges associated with conventional containers and offer opportunities for increased efficiency.

  • Innovation in pit to port transportation logistics systems

    Determining an ideal pit to port solution involves a holistic view of the project

  • Las Bambas: Container Bulk Handling Optimization

    Las Bambas - Container Bulk Handling Optimization

  • How Ausenco’s simulation capabilities maximize value for our clients’ projects

    In this Q&A, we sat down with Joel Shirriff, Vice President, Transportation & Logistics, to discuss the capabilities and services offered by Ausenco’s Simulation team.