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  • Mina Justa: Delivering a green-field copper project safely & reliably during a global pandemic

    Mina Justa Copper Project

  • Find a better way to move your material from mine to market.

    An article series uncovering the key considerations in a holistic approach to transportation processes.

  • Mine to Market: Key considerations for determining the best transportation options for your operation

    In this webinar, our experts explore common questions that can help guide the decisions you make around both the mineral process methodology and the transportation solution that are best for your project.

  • Infographic: Find a better way to move your material from mine to market

  • End to End Data Management to Improve Asset Integrity and Reliability

    In this webinar, our experts discussed how data management can help make better decisions about infrastructure.

  • Optimizing public transportation in a COVID-19 world using Dynamic Pedestrian Simulation

    In this article Soheil Mardani, Simulation Engineer, discusses optimizing public transportation using Dynamic Pedestrian Simulation.

  • A holistic approach to transportation for mining projects

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses cost-efficient ways to get your mining products to market.

  • Designing fit for purpose transportation solutions

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses the importance of developing fit for purpose transportation solutions for each new project and commodity, rather than taking a one size fits all approach.

  • Mining in remote sites: How to manage resource scarcity

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses how to manage resources on remote mining sites.

  • Making the most of existing infrastructure

    Silvia Bermudez, Manager Transportation & Logistics for South America, discusses alternative uses for infrastructure.

  • Turning trapped resources into a feasible project

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses the impacts that challenging geographies can have on a project.

  • From mine to market: Why doing more can sometimes cost less

    Joel Shirriff, Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation, discusses why doing more can sometimes cost less.

  • Asset Integrity & Management (AIM) for essential services

    Our experts discuss Asset integrity and management activities for essential services and the precautions taken to ensure safe field and dive operations during social distancing.

  • Goonyella Coal Supply Chain: Assessing supply chain system throughput capacity

    Goonyella Coal Supply Chain

  • The nuances of port site selection for mineral resources projects

    Port site selection for mineral resources projects, is a complex and exciting process that needs to consider the entire transportation logistics of moving the resource from the “pit to port”.

  • Meet Joel Shirriff

    In this Insight we share a personal profile of Joel Shirriff, VP and Global Practice Lead, Terminals & Transportation

  • Optimizing the selection of bulk transportation systems

    To maximise value of bulk transportation systems, trade-off studies evaluate different transport options for the entire network from plant to destination.

  • Impacts of technology and ship sizes on ports

    How will technology and ever-increasing ship sizes change design and management of ports? Katrina Dodd explores industry thinking.

  • Grandview Cut Guideway: SkyTrain extension

    Grandview Cut Guideway

  • Dunsmuir Tunnel: Applying innovation to legacy

    Skytrain Phase 1 - Dunsmuir Tunnel

  • Simulation modelling for bulk terminals

    Simulation modelling can add considerable value in bulk terminal operations planning processes by identifying design and operational solutions that drive process improvement and performance optimisation. Find out how.

  • Stadium Station: Aesthetic station design

    Skytrain Phase 1 - Stadium Station

  • GO Transit Hamilton Layover Facility: Achieving better all-round passenger service

    GO Transit Hamilton Layover Facility

  • Hamilton GO Centre: Extension of a pedestrian tunnel under the existing railway tracks

    Hamilton GO Centre Pedestrian Tunnel Extension

  • Assessing system throughput capacity using simulation

    Ausenco's system throughput simulation study helped Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal optimise their yard management strategy.

  • Implementing containerised bulk handling at Las Bambas

    For the Las Bambas copper mine in Peru we integrated a modern multi-modal containerised bulk handling system into a conventional bulk terminal logistics system.

  • Modern containerized bulk handling

    Recent developments in containerized bulk handling technology remove many of the challenges associated with conventional containers and offer opportunities for increased efficiency.

  • Innovation in pit to port transportation logistics systems

    Determining an ideal pit to port solution involves a holistic view of the project

  • Quellaveco Mine Project: Assessment of Transport Options - Rail Versus Conveyor

    Quellaveco Mine Project

  • Gateway Pacific Terminal: Export Facility for Potash and Calcined Coke

    Gateway Pacific Terminal

  • Trans Mountain: Expansion Project Study

    Trans Mountain Expansion Project Study

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic drilling caisson bearing refit for high seismic area

    Molikpaq Seismic Bearing Replacement

  • How Ausenco’s simulation capabilities maximize value for our clients’ projects

    In this Q&A, we sat down with Joel Shirriff, Vice President, Transportation & Logistics, to discuss the capabilities and services offered by Ausenco’s Simulation team.

  • Mount Pleasant Station: Environmental Study Report

    Environmental Study Report - Mount Pleasant Station

  • Las Bambas: Container Bulk Handling Optimization

    Las Bambas - Container Bulk Handling Optimization