We are an industry leader in the delivery of energy studies, and the design of cogeneration, water to energy, biomass power generation, solar, and natural gas facilities and infrastructure.

Energy studies

Our team can deliver various energy studies to help with efficiency of your industrial facilities. These include:

  • Process design and simulations
  • Heat and mass balances
  • Review of plant and site layout including building concepts
  • Review if preliminary equipment specifications
  • P&IDs
  • Functional descriptions of software
  • Project schedule plans
  • Capital cost estimates

Biomass Power Generation

We have been supporting clients with biomass power generation since 1982, making beneficial use of wood waste, paper waste, biogas and mixed fuels in installations up to 90 MW. Our expertise in materials handling and process technology allows us to power our clients’ biomass projects and overcome any storage, controls and process issues. We have also explored the production of non-fuel products from biomass, such as sugars and binders for the chemical and food industries.

Waste to energy

Our team has delivered a large portfolio of waste-to energy projects using ingenious solutions to solve complex challenges. We have successfully recovered heat from less than 30ºC waste sewage sources, and developed practical solutions to recover 900ºC heat, which is laden with explosive gas, fast travelling grit and corrosive gases. Waste heat recovery can be a reliable base load energy source with no fuel cost, which can improve the base process from which it is drawn and provide a viable alternative to more conventional methods.


We have experience in both solar electrical and solar thermal, understanding the requirements of remote power generation and drawing on the expertise of the largest manufacturer of solar electric panels in the world. We create solutions that maximise our clients’ return on investment for new installations and improves the life and reliability of existing on-site power generating systems using conventional methods.


Our team has expertise in engineering new cogen plants and upgrades (combined heat and power) to generate efficient energy to meet our client’s sustainability goals.