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Facility Optimisation

Our asset operations, management and optimisation solutions merge experience with technology to develop new solutions to our clients' challenges.

Maintenance capital projects require a dedicated and flexible workforce, capable of simultaneously executing multiple projects, working closely with operations personnel and reacting quickly to changing priorities.

Our asset management and optimisation services, supported by our traditional operations and maintenance capabilities, continue to deliver cost savings to clients.

Our designs for numerous operators, complemented by our development of a variety of facility configurations, give us access to extensive industry and benchmarking information, allowing us to design a facility or complete sustaining and maintenance capital projects that support operators in getting the most out of existing assets.

We help keep production facilities in optimum operating condition and effectively utilise debottlenecking processes to increase production. When equipment upgrades are required, we implement with minimum disruption and work closely with our clients’ operational teams to understand the specific challenges and nuances of the plant.

Our operations and maintenance and asset optimisation teams can help oil and gas clients:

  • consistently operate their facilities at or above nameplate capacity
  • ensure the highest levels of safety for their people, environment and plant
  • develop and deliver the most cost effective maintenance programs.

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