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ESG Advisory Services

The business climate is changing. Economic, social and environmental forces are pushing businesses into uncharted waters. Investors, business partners, employees, and other stakeholder are expecting you to have governance systems in place, manage risks, and capitalise on opportunities. We are here to help you find a better way.

Increasingly, government regulators, downstream markets, investors, non-governmental and civil society organisations, and consumers are interested in aspects of environmental and socio-economic performance, risks and impacts of organisations, projects, products, services and materials. Specific issues may vary, but the trend toward greater transparency on how materials and products are produced, who produces them, and to what standards is clear.

In response organisations need to improve environmental, social performance and ensure they have the governance structures (ESG) in place to drive toward high standards of performance. Our corporate ESG services are designed to help clients navigate and exceed performance expectations of their stakeholders. At Ausenco we link our ESG services to innovation, value creation and financial performance to improve the overall sustainability of our clients. We believe effective integration of ESG and sustainability is a powerful driver of innovation, cost and risk reduction, employee motivation, new market opportunities, enhanced brand image and client loyalty.

Our ESG corporate advisory services include:

  • Corporate strategy – ensuring your organization has a common understanding of the drivers, material risks and opportunities related to ESG/sustainability performance and defining the governance structure, strategy, policies, and action plan needed to respond. We provide:
    • Market analysis – helping you understand the major ESG trends and drivers and how this will affect your business now and in the future.
    • Standards analysis – determining the most important ESG risk/performance categories for your business and identifying standards you need to adopt or monitor.
    • Benchmarking – comparing your performance against business practices inherent in leading standards and then comparing your performance to peers, competitors and ESG leaders.
    • Materiality Assessment - mapping the most material topics for your business and your stakeholders to direct your implementation planning and priority setting.
    • Strategy development- working with leadership teams to facilitate the selection of the rights strategy for your business, markets and stakeholders.
    • Implementation planning – developing detailed implementation plans, that identify goals, accountability, human and financial resources, training needs, performance tracking, review cycles and reporting needed to execute your ESG strategy.
    • Business integration – Ensuring integration of ESG priorities into your core business processes, - supply chain management, procurement, capital projects, operations, product development, marketing/sales, reporting.
    • Investor grade ESG reports – reports that align your strategy, plans and performance data with investor expectations.
  • Circular Economy strategy and plans to help bring valuable resources back into productive use.
  • Investor grade ESG baselines – helping clients in early-stage project development understand their ESG profile, identify strengths and address gaps and then tell their ESG story in ways that respond to investor expectations.
  • ESG screening – supplier, business partner, and project level screening for ESG risk and opportunities.
  • Communication and reporting – developing ESG reports and other communication collateral to meet the needs your investors and other stakeholders.
  • Organizational change – in our work change management is a core part of our processes. We have the organizational change management skills and expertise to help integrate ESG in ways that are lasting and meaningful.
  • Training – tailored training modules to help your organization understand ESG from strategy to integration into their responsibility area.