Industrial & Infrastructure

Marine Structures and Breakwaters

Our marine expertise and innovative solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of any port or terminal project.

Our experience working on marine facilities include:

  • Bulk terminal facilities for import and export of cargo
  • LNG, LPG and oil terminals
  • Offshore structures and mooring systems
  • General cargo and container terminals
  • Ferry terminals and barge ramps
  • Marinas and small craft harbours
  • Cruise ship terminals

Every facility and operating environment is unique, and what sets us apart from our competitors is our understanding of when to use certain technologies based on our global community of practice. From early concept to design and construction, our engineers have experience with a wide range of marine structures to apply the most appropriate methodology to a client's project.

Capabilities include:

  • Wharfs, jetties, and trestles using a combination of steel or concrete piles and deck structures
  • Specialised pre-fabricated jacket structures, pile socketing, and caisson structures
  • Land reclamation structures, as well as causeway and breakwater designs
  • Single point and spread mooring systems for bulk liquids loading or transhipment
  • Specialised fender and mooring system designs for large vessel, tidal, and current conditions
  • Seawater intake and outfall facilities to service industrial facilities in remote coastal regions

We have worked in the most challenging geographies and environments, including intense seismic zones on the West Coast of the Americas, the high tides and currents of the Canadian Maritimes and the ice and wave environments of the Arctic. Whether it is the technical challenges of accommodating the dynamic forces from largest ocean vessels, or the varying tides and currents for river barge and transhipment operations, we can create the most cost effective design for any facility.