Our experienced infrastructure team guides projects from initial feasibility assessments through to design and construction, always with innovation in mind.

We bring together civil/structural, electrical and mechanical engineers to successfully deliver small and large infrastructure projects throughout Canada. This includes high-profile projects such as the Port Mann tunnel in Vancouver, Canada, the Centre Block Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada, as well as smaller boutique projects requiring exceptional quality with tight time constraints. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have built with architects and specialty engineering firms to deliver a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Our structural engineers are specialists in seismic engineering, addressing the unique challenges of diverse structures ranging from schools and reservoirs to large-scale government buildings. We have performed structural assessments on all types of civil infrastructure including dams, reservoirs, bridges, and buildings such as condominiums, hospitals and schools.

In addition, our electrical engineers offer comprehensive design services, with a focus on the utilities, energy, and transportation sectors, leveraging advanced technologies to drive efficiency and sustainability. We also provide mechanical engineering services including interfacing with existing systems, utilities coordination and design, water and piping systems, and fire protection, HVAC, and plumbing.