Some of the world’s largest coal mines rely on Ausenco QCC’s technical knowledge and experience to deliver responsible, value-driven, and future-focused solutions.

Social license - Through our partner, Regional Economic Solutions (RES), we facilitate collaboration to ensure social and economic outcomes that are sustainable, ethical, and responsible for all communities, with emphasis on First Nations Peoples.

Efficient processing facilities - We develop and adopt solutions that reduce footprints, lower carbon emissions, decrease energy consumption and conserve water.

Mine residues - We find better ways to manage tailings, including the use of new technologies and solutions such as particle flotation, dry tailings, and proactive goaf insertion in longwall mining.

Rehabilitation - We rehabilitate mined areas and restore the natural environment, supporting responsible operations.

Our solutions and expertise span all phases of a coal project:

Process design and engineering services

  • Concept studies
  • Prefeasibility studies
  • Engineering design
  • Process engineering
  • Plant operations and training
  • Build and Operate (BO)
  • Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)
  • Contract operations
  • Asset management and optimisation.
  • Facilities and unit processes

Surface infrastructure

  • Conveying, stacking and reclaiming
  • Stockpiling, screening and crushing facilities
  • Blending and storage systems
  • Coal processing plants
  • Geotech, tailings and mine waste management
  • Pumping and pipelines
  • Program management

Design only contracts

  • Design and construction
  • Full EPCM contracts
  • Lump sum EPC contracts
  • Procurement
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Coal handling preparation plant operations and maintenance:

Operational readiness

  • Contract operations
  • Maintenance management and optimisation
  • Process optmisation
  • Reliability engineering
  • Site safety management