We offer our clients a broad range of experience in iron ore. We have developed a deserved reputation for the design and delivery of iron ore beneficiation plants, where we have set new benchmarks in cost effectiveness.

Our principles of innovation and challenging established paradigms are being practiced through our team of expert engineers, with major benefits in cost savings compared to traditional iron ore beneficiation plants.

Our engineers are currently preparing designs for iron ore beneficiation and product transport projects in a diverse range of locations around the world.

With our extensive experience in iron ore, we have the ability to:

  • engineer long distance iron ore transportation by pipeline
  • design and deliver bulk materials handling systems and infrastructure specific to iron ore
  • develop designs for beneficiation by size, magnetic separation and / or flotation
  • develop geotechnical and tailings storage solutions for iron ore

Our innovative solutions in iron ore have resulted in increased efficiencies in production and achieved highly successful outcomes for our clients.