Minerals & Metals

Work Management

Controlling and managing work orders is key for organizations to improve their assets' operation, reduce risks and improve productivity.

But work management isn't just nice to have; it's also a requirement for well executed shutdown. With a shutdown, the goal is to reduce the duration of the closure. Work management systems provide better preparation and planning of a shutdown and more reliable scheduling and tracking processes. A well-managed shutdown can also increase the lifespan of some asset components.

At Ausenco, our experienced work management team provides several key roles, including a maintenance coordinator from the production department, maintenance planners/schedulers and maintenance supervisors. The global experts at Ausenco can train, coach on the job and audit the WMT members. We can deliver the same for the resources involved in shutdowns.

Key elements of the work management and shutdowns include:

  • Work identification and prioritization
  • Planning of the work, parts kitting and backlog management
  • Weekly scheduling and shutdown Gantt chart scheduling
  • Work execution, documentation, follow-up and history
  • Key performance indicators implementation.