Minerals & Metals

Virtualizations & New Technologies

We combine our technical and artistic expertise in engineering, civil design, 3D modelling & animation, and UAV, CAD and GIS technologies; to create rendered images/animations and interactive content (Virtual / Mixed and Augmented Reality) to show in detail the full scope of our clients' projects.

By reusing (or modelling from scratch) a project's 3D digital information, our team can produce realistic digital assets that function as communicative tools, helping viewers to better understand:

  • The sheer scale and magnitude of a proposed project
  • The impact of a project on the surrounding area
  • Construction processes and sequences
  • Explore pre-construction facilities
  • Access interactive information

Experimenting between different visual styles and multimedia solutions, the digital assets that Ausenco offers to its stakeholders are alternatives of Engineering Visualizations (eVis) and Extended Reality (XR) projects. Here are some examples worked in collaboration with some clients:

Client: Marathon Gold | Proyecto: Valentine Gold

In this way, all stakeholders, both technical (engineers, specialists, etc.) and non-technical (communities, investors, managers, etc.), can have intuitive tools that allow them to better understand their projects and the processes involved. Some of the mining clients we have developed these services include Bear Creek, Mantos Copper, Teck Resources, Rio Tinto, Newmont Goldcorp, RG Gold, Marathon Gold, and Josemaria Resources many others.

At Ausenco, we are constantly working on detecting, analyzing, developing, and applying technologies that add value, optimize processes, and improve safety and productivity in all our business lines. You can learn more about these services in our brochure.

If you would like more information about our digital virtualization solutions and new technologies in the South American region, please contact our experts listed on this page.