Minerals & Metals

Geotechnical Engineering

Unearthing potential to achieve our clients’ goals Ausenco offers a complete suite of geotechnical, geomechanical, and geological engineering services.

We’re world renowned leaders in this field, and are widely recognised for our design ingenuity and quality assurance under testing circumstances.

In Argentina, we were the first to use state of- the-art geoelectrical survey technology. We achieved exceptional results by ensuring the integrity of the liner system prior to placement of minerals, and by implementing systems for sustainable management of our clients’ ongoing operations.

Our professionals include civil, geotechnical and geological engineers; planners; hydrogeologists; geologists; and field technicians — with backgrounds in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, rock mechanics, and geology.

Site characterisation services

We understand the importance of site characterisation as a crucial step towards evaluating any areas of concern.

We offer site characterisation, engineering and design for mining, energy, infrastructure, and waste management facilities, including waste-rock storage facilities, landfills, open pit facilities, embankments, levees, mine infrastructure, and foundations.

Geotechnical investigation services

We have provided engineering services for projects located in some of the most seismically active regions across the globe.

Based on this extensive experience, we are able to help quantify and evaluate the seismic risk for any site to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the earthquake risks to their project.

Construction support services

When it comes to construction, we take pride in our ability to meet our clients’ needs by offering consistent, competent service. Our design and construction quality assurance experience covers more than 700 million square feet of liner and cover systems.

Additional services offered include resident engineer, Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and Construction Management (CM) services, and Geotechnical Quality Assurance (GQA).

We operate a full service laboratory for testing geotechnical parameters of rocks and soils and materials testing of liners and covers.

Erosion and sediment-control services

Run-off from construction sites can contribute to significant sediment loads entering receiving waters.

Good planning is the first step in preventing sediments from damaging the ecosystem. Erosion and sediment control measures need to be correctly installed and maintained to ensure effective stormwater management.


  • Geotechnical field investigation, mapping, logging and data basing

Rock mechanics

  • Rock mass characterisation and domain modelling

Pit slope and Underground stability analysis

  • 2D, 3D numerical modelling, and design.