Minerals & Metals

Mine Project Evaluation

Our geologists have extensive experience assessing the design of an efficient exploration campaign to build a robust geological model that sustain a reliable resource and reserve statement that create a sustainable project.

In all types of mining projects and location, for open pit & underground, from conceptual to detail engineering. Our Mining Engineers will look at the entire mining business by designing your project, that mean you will have a practical and workable business case that better suit your ore deposit and maximises the economic benefit.

Ausenco offers a range of services in the specialist area of mine project evaluation as outlined below.

Mining Design and Planning

Open pit mine design

  • Final Pit Selection and optimization
  • Open pit phases and final pit design
  • Reserve mine extraction strategy
  • Waste dump design
  • Selection of exploitation´s sequence and mine planning
  • Mine fleet´s calculation
  • Short term Grade Control Implementation
  • OP/UG Interaction
  • Economical evaluation

Underground mine design

  • Exploitation method selection (selective and/or massive)
  • Mining plan
  • Ventilation and utilities
  • UG Infrastructure
  • Economical evaluation

Specific Design

Our expert team can add value to a range of studies including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Material handling
  • Project’s viability
  • Transport simulation
  • Generation of predictive modelling
  • Minerals processing