Minerals & Metals

Data Science & Analytics

Companies are increasingly challenged with analysing vast and complex datasets from multiple sources to make decisions, innovate and develop business solutions.

Our team of data management experts can help you to make informed decisions and establish an integrated management model for critical business data. Our objective is to maximize your production and minimize risks in your operations, changing your data from information into an important asset.

Ausenco acquired Pipeline Systems Incorporated in 2008 to form Ausenco PSI, and have successfully collaborated with our clients to:

  • Generate classification algorithms and key indicators
  • Synthesize and unify available information
  • Develop didactic and user-friendly visualisations for asset management (including customized dashboards)
  • Standardize data collection to facilitate and increase traceability of information
  • Conduct prognostic and health monitoring/management of data
  • Develop structured processes for gathering data, data quality, storage, integration, protection, recovery, and control
  • Automate the complete data lifecycle (gathering, processing and visualization)

Leveraging our data management capabilities, Ausenco PSI offers support in:

  • Management of information relating to fluid transport systems and slurry, tailings, and water pipelines to prevent environmental emergencies
  • Optimization of industrial processes based on data-driven decision making
  • Standardizing pipeline operational dashboards
  • Control of well fields, measuring compliance extracted water vs. permissive legal water and reporting the state of each
  • Control of pipeline wear, generating alerts in cases of damage

What’s next?

We are always searching for a better way, and always looking to expand our horizons and services. We plan on implementing new big data and machine learning techniques to our clients' data so they can optimize their entire operations by creating predictive models.