Minerals & Metals

Laboratory Services

Whether it’s rock, soil, water, or mining slurry, our research and testing laboratories provide detailed physical and chemical characterization services to our clients across the globe

With more than 30 years of experience, our team of experts adopts the latest technologies and procedures to offer specialized rock, soil, water, and mining slurry testing services, as well as tailored solutions to address design needs for specific projects.​

In our laboratories, we enhance the quality of the services we offer by collecting empirical data that provides relevant information of the physical and chemical characteristics of pulp, water, and soil samples for the projects we design.​

Our laboratory services include field tests performed in accordance with international, local, and industry-specific standards or client specifications. ​

Some key testing services we offer are:​

  • Characterization of soils:
    • Particle size determination and classification​
    • Specific gravity​
    • Form factor​
    • Optic microscopy​
  • Characterization of slurries :
    • Rheology​
    • Slump test​
  • Integrity and operations:
    • Electrochemical corrosion ​
    • Biocorrosion​
    • Physiochemical characterization of water​
    • Additive assessment ​
    • Vacuum filtration​

In addition, we perform basic geotechnical tests such as Attemberg limits, Proctor, humidity and salt content, and density of soils. Our laboratories perform these procedures following ASTM standards. Some examples include: ​

  • Triaxial tests​
  • Large-scale direct shear tests​
  • Permeability tests – rigid wall ​
  • Permeability tests – flexible wall ​
  • Puncture tests​
  • Consolidation tests​
  • Punctual load tests ​
  • Standard tests for soil classifications ​

With laboratories in Brazil, Chile, and Peru, we find a better way to provide comprehensive services to our clients supporting their projects wherever they are located.​