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Pipeline Advisor

Recognizing that the long-term success of any pipeline rests with the expertise of its operators, Ausenco developed our proprietary software-as-a-service Pipeline AdvisorTM to support the continuous operation of your pipelines in a stable and optimized way. Our software maximizes the effectiveness and profitability of complex pipeline systems.

Pipeline AdvisorTM gathers Ausenco’s technical knowledge into a software system to guide operators to achieve safe, energy-efficient operations. It monitors all aspects of your pipeline operations in real-time, and minimizes environmental damage and impact by detecting leaks and problems prior to their occurrence.

The software adds value to traditional SCADA systems by generating alarms, warnings and advice while communicating data to pipeline operators through intuitive, user-friend visualizations. This intelligent system also adds an additional level of safety and efficiency with features like leak detection and slack flow monitoring. Pipeline AdvisorTM does not directly control the pipeline; however, it can compute setpoints which the SCADA system then utilizes to control the process.

Utilizing cloud services and a web-based user interface, our software provides:

  • Leak detection (pressure wave and volume balance)
  • Intuitive pipeline visualization, including historic data visualization
  • Complex business intelligence analysis
  • Customized alarm system, with the ability to send alarms to third-parties
  • Batch tracking (inventory, arrival alarms, history logging, pig tracking)
  • Data analysis and visualizations of sensors
  • Custom dashboards and reportability
  • Easy data exportation to support deeper analysis
  • Ability to search and analyse operational events
  • Remote data analysis

Pipeline AdvisorTM installations

The Pipeline AdvisorTM advantage

Pipeline AdvisorTM brings together Ausenco's more than 40 years of experience in designing and operating long distance pipelines across the planet, promoting effective monitoring, and targeting the specific characteristics of slurry systems. Initially developed by Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), Ausenco acquired PSI in 2008 to form Ausenco PSI, and continues to invest in and improve the software.

Pipeline Advisor™:

  • Facilitates informed decision making
  • Reduces operator error and pipeline downtime
  • Supports safe, energy and cost-efficient pipeline operations
  • Provides intuitive, user-friendly visualizations
  • Reduces interfaces
  • Provides an integrated dashboard system

    Key features

    • Rule script engine
    • OPC UA (Open platform communications united architecture)
    • Web server access
    • Cloud-based
    • Robust security features
    • Platform independence

    Our goal is to have Pipeline AdvisorTM be the center of operational and integrity information for a pipeline, integrating data to provide better monitoring and predictability to the pipeline system. - John Smith, VP Pipelines

    Our services

    Our team works with clients to develop customized solutions that are practical for their unique operations, including:

    • Installation and setup
    • Maintenance
    • Application support and training
    • Technical operation support
    • Guarantee warranty and quality
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