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Slurry Pipelines

Our slurry pipeline solutions provide endless possibilities - Slurry pipeline technology or ‘hydro transportation’, minimises the impact on local communities and the environment.

It is a safe transportation alternative with lower pollution levels, fuel costs, man power requirements and reliance on high-use transport corridors. This makes it an ideal sustainable solution in many environments.

With thousands of kilometres of pipeline projects under study, in design, or completed, our team is responsible for a significant majority of this specialised market globally. Our senior leaders have been at the forefront of slurry pipeline technology development over the past 40 years through our heritage company Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), acquired by Ausenco in 2008 to form Ausenco PSI. Building on this experience and expertise, our projects continue to push boundaries and break new ground.

Our experience includes diverse environments and challenging projects, including extremely cold climates, record-breaking distances, high altitudes and mountainous terrain.

Our pipeline operations technology, including Pipeline Advisor™ and Pipeline Simulator™ help ensure the optimal ongoing operation of your pipeline solution.