Minerals & Metals

Tailings Pipelines

Challenging economic conditions and increasingly strict environmental regulations demand tailings pipeline systems that travel longer distances, at higher concentrations and with longer design lives.

Our solutions include gravity flow, open channel flow, energy dissipation, multiple pumps in series, and thickened paste disposal. With expertise built over many years in complex hydraulics and tailings disposal, we tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements.

We have a full range of tailings transport and delivery systems that meet our clients’ needs including:

Conventional tailings

  • Cyclone sand separation and distribution
  • Single point discharge
  • Perimeter spigotting
  • Open channel flow (launder system)
  • Drop box systems

Paste and thickened tailings

  • Surface deposition
  • Underground hydraulic/paste backfill systems
  • Dry stacking

Residue disposal (bauxite and red muds)

  • Central ramp discharges
  • Side hill discharges

Ash management

  • High concentrated slurry disposal (HCSD)
  • Fly ash, bottom ash
  • Central ramp discharges
  • Side hill discharges

Water management and reclaim systems

  • Water balance and release
  • Reclaim barge
  • Decant tower
  • Seepage water pumping
  • Deep sea tailings placement (DSTP)