Minerals & Metals

Hydrometallurgical plants

Leading cost effective solutions for hydrometallurgical treatment - we have delivered a diverse array of hydrometallurgy and refining projects across the globe, particularly in the areas of gold, uranium and copper.

We have delivered customised solutions by asking 'Why' and 'Why not?' As a result our technically advanced methods have resulted in successful project completion on time and on budget, with excellent safety performances. With a history of partnering with clients to create breakthrough results, we've got strong foundations to draw on.

In addition to numerous gold hydrometallurgy projects, we have been involved in studies and projects for the on-site production of copper, uranium, nickel, cobalt, bismuth lead and zinc. These have consisted of applications involving autoclave and atmospheric leaching.

Our engineering expertise in hydrometallurgical treatment is enhanced by specialist in-house consultants with experience in adapting processing to the ore, to achieve the most profitable outcome for our clients. The experience extends to:

  • Heap leaching
  • Dump leaching
  • Biological oxidation
  • Pressure oxidation
  • Pressure acid leaching
  • Atmospheric tank leaching
  • CIL and CIP recovery
  • RIL and RIP recovery
  • Solvent extraction
  • Electrowinning
  • Precipitation.