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Climate Change

Our experts help you develop a strategy to manage and reduce climate risk and enhance adaptation opportunities, finding better ways to deliver sustainable outcomes.

At Ausenco, our innovative engineering and environmental designs integrate climate change solutions, strategies, and programs into our projects from conceptual development, through design and construction, to commissioning and operations. With a holistic social-ecological perspective, our experts deliver climate scenario analysis to identify and evaluate climate change-related risks and opportunities, providing adaptation and resilience strategies to achieve net-zero planning.

Every project is unique, but we have learned from experience how to design cost-effective and meaningful solutions built on best practices. We support our clients with reporting and disclosing progress against climate change goals to investors, Board members, and stakeholders. We are part of a forward-thinking and culturally diverse organisation, with multi-disciplinary teams of professionals who are recognised experts in environmental sciences, social sciences, engineering, and sustainability. By combining climate change expertise with value-added engineering solutions, we offer clients a full range of climate change services and innovative ideas to help you manage climate change challenges and opportunities. We can incorporate a variety of data and tools into our analysis, maximizing mechanisms for early warnings of extreme weather events, climate-smart responses, natural-based adaptation solutions, and local knowledge, with the latest climate change science and models.

Key climate change services:

  • Climate risk and scenarios analysis
  • Climate adaptation and resilience strategies
  • Corporate climate change strategy
  • Infrastructure design and certification
  • Decarbonization and Energy efficiency strategy
  • Research and Development for climate solution