Firing up with natural gas - our expertise in gas-fired power generation includes plants ranging from a few megawatts to 1200 megawatts.

Our engineers focus on optimising processes by identifying the system which will provide the optimum balance of capital, operating cost and reliability, minimising the combination of Total Installed Capital Cost and Life Cycle cost. We provide custom solutions ranging from large reciprocating engines offering excellent fuel consumption with moderate base loads, to open-cycle gas turbines offering the best capital cost for peaking requirements, through to combined-cycle gas turbine which offers the best of both worlds.

With continued work in the development of coal seam gas, shale gas and liquefaction terminals, combined with our intimate knowledge of technical developments in the gas industry, we are able to offer innovative alternative energy solutions.

Gas pipelines

Thank to our GIS capability, distributed control and instrumentation packages, a strong understanding of permits and community relations, and the ability to design and optimise the pipeline, we are able to offer complete pipeline solutions.

Using stress analysis, water hammer simulation (transient analysis) and other modelling, we create efficient and accurate modelling.

We are able to reliably meet owner specifications and government regulations, covering the full spectrum of engineering services from basic and detailed engineering to construction supervision and project commissioning.

In addition, we handle logistics management and training for operators and other staff. Our program management services ensure project performance to schedule, budget and quality.

Our global services include:

  • SCADA and telecommunications systems
  • Consultancy services
  • Pipeline route selection and surveying
  • Engineering management
  • Program management
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Control panel fabrication
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Operations support and maintenance

We have completed projects including

  • Corrosion control and leak detection
  • Meter stations
  • Remote power facilities
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Oil, gas and products transmission systems
  • Aboveground storage facilities
  • Gas distribution systems