Oil & Gas

SAGD Well Pads

We have the capabilities and expertise to engineer, design and construct in-situ facilities and operations, including well pads and pipelines.

Our experts in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) field facilities help operators produce oil sands bitumen efficiently and safely, and are involved in the design and development of numerous oil sands and heavy oil production and processing facilities.

We design integrated thermal recovery facilities that accommodate heavy oil with contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, high paraffin content, asphaltenes, salt, sand and other inorganics.

Our experience encompasses all phases of project development, from conceptual design and pre-application work, through DBM, FEED and detailed engineering of oil sands and heavy oil production and processing facilities.

We have worked with seven of the top 12 thermal in-situ oil sands producers, with the largest project having as many as seven well pads and 49 well pairs. Our services around the core of SAGD pipeline engineering include:

  • Standardisation
  • Modularisation
  • Optimisation
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Enhanced recovery technologies
  • Long range development planning
  • Data model management.

Whether applying an existing design to your SAGD well pad development plans, optimising a given design, or developing a new standardised well pad program, we have a track record of client satisfaction.

Our expertise in standardisation and modularisation creates short and long-term cost savings. We maximise the amount of fabrication that can be done under controlled conditions off-site to achieve high quality and minimise field assembly costs.

Our understanding of industry best practices allows us to design well pads that are cost effective and fit the exact development and operation requirements of our clients. We also conduct benchmarking studies for operators looking to increase efficiency.

We have delivered over one million hours of thermal heavy oil engineering work, on facilities ranging from 500 bbl/day to 42,000 bbl/day. We are committed to creating long-term client relationships by maximising efficiency and reducing costs right out of the gate.

We excel in SAGD well pads and have expertise in the design of wellhead control modules, pad surface facilities and pipelines. Our skills result from our Experts' years of experience with a variety of well pad projects and designs. We collaborate with clients in the areas of reservoir, production, facilities design and operations.

We invest in sophisticated project management tools. When combined with our comprehensive project implementation process and quality assurance program, we lower costs and hit all your important milestones.