Oil & Gas

Marine Terminal & Logistics Studies

We are at the forefront of companies in the planning and design of transportation and logistics systems for the oil and gas sector.

Our studies range in complexity from early concept development to detailed feasibility, and are supported by our simulation modelling expertise to optimise the solution to maximise value to the client.

We consider the entire logistics system from source to destination and use our global agility and willingness to challenge design boundaries to deliver customised solutions in ever-changing markets. Our technical capabilities include:

  • Heavy haul rail and truck transport systems
  • Evaluation of gas and liquid product pipeline networks
  • Inland terminal and tank farm distribution facilities
  • Marine terminal planning and design (inbound and outbound)
  • Evaluation of downstream shipping logistics

Whether these technologies are applied on their own or in combination with other modes, we provide fully integrated transportation logistics systems that are fit for purpose, and work holistically with both the upstream supply chain as well as the downstream terminal facilities.