Oil & Gas

Simulation & Optimisation

With 36 years of experience on over 400 simulation projects worldwide, we are experts in identifying the effects of inter-dependencies and variation in complex business processes on KPIs like throughput, rateability, inventory and redundancy.

We provide specific, data-driven recommendations to improve existing systems, optimise capital investment and maximise your business value. Using experience and technology we focus on optimising processes to create breakthrough results for our minerals and metals clients, we find ways to add value to their supply chain networks.

Our simulation models are calibrated to years of detailed operating and financial data to ensure they reflect actual operations and forecast future performance accurately. Our models feature presentation-quality graphics that bring to life complex supply chain interactions, variability, and congestion.

Not satisfied with commercial software, our developed industry-leading software to realistically model complex, dynamic supply chains in detail, measure important KPIs that inform your business decisions, and objectively substantiate your most promising opportunities to stakeholders. Our Transportation Logistics Simulator (TLS) discrete event simulation software is scalable, which allows Ausenco to quickly model large and complex supply chains, far exceeding the capabilities of traditional off-the-shelf software.

Learn more about TLS in this video.

What sets us apart from other simulation companies is that our team of talented analysts is comprised of experienced engineers. We seek to inform our clients’ business decisions holistically and to optimize lifetime economic value and minimize risk, subject to constraints and external influence. Ausenco engages your stakeholders early to gather data, understand perspectives, and align everyone’s definition of success.

Simulation in action