Oil & Gas

Tank Farms

We provides full oil and gas development services, from initial concept and feasibility studies to project delivery and operations and maintenance.

Our expertise extends to commodity transportation terminals, tank farms and storage facilities. We design and build refined product storage and rail/truck loading facilities for diesel, gasoline, additives, lubricants, and raw products such as molten sulphur. We have also designed truck and rail transloading facilities for molten sulphur and refined products, and have helped bitumen producers with ancillary surface equipment upgrades for bitumen, diluent, butane and gas storage.

Executing offsite facility and pipeline projects is core to our service offering thanks to our pipeline engineering competency and stress engineering analysis capabilities.

Our services include oil and gas processing terminals and trans-loading facilities. We design and build refined product storage, terminals and trans-loading facilities (rail and truck) for products such as

  • Bitumen
  • Dil-Bit
  • Diluent
  • NGLs
  • Molten and granulated sulphur
  • Finished products: gasoline, diesel, ethanol, additives and lubricants.

We have completed projects as small as single truck or rail car expansions, and as large as 880,000 barrels of storage for 40 rail-car unloading stations complete with the associated infrastructure to operate the facility.

The types of facilities include:

  • Rail loading/unloading
  • Truck loading/unloading
  • Tank storage
  • Vessel storage
  • Firewater systems.