Oil & Gas

Oil Sands

Our experience in oil sands and thermal projects includes central processing facilities, well pads, and flow lines.

Having completed designs for numerous operators as well as developed a variety of facility configurations, gives us access to extensive industry and benchmarking information. It enables us to design facilities and complete sustaining and maintenance capital projects that allow the operator to get the most out of existing assets.

We help keep production facilities in optimum operating condition and effectively utilise debottlenecking processes to increase production. When equipment upgrades are called for, we implement with minimum disruption and work closely with clients’ operational teams to understand the specific challenges and nuances of the plant.

Process and asset optimisation

We help our clients study, identify, and solve system-wide performance and/or capacity issues. We provide cost effective debottlenecking solutions that minimise impact on existing operations. Our experience is scalable from small projects through to facility expansions.

Our services include:

  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
  • Solvent co-injection
  • Well pads and pipelines and infrastructure design
  • Steam generation facilities
  • Technology consultation and selection
  • High pressure, temperature emulsion pipelines expertise
  • Retrofitting and debottlenecking facilities.