Oil & Gas

Reliability Engineering

Through Ausenco Rylson, we provide reliability engineering solutions that ensure from the initial design through to operation and maintenance that our clients’ assets perform reliably and to their design capacity.

We work closely with on-site operations, maintenance, and process staff to plant troubleshoot, close heat and material balances, develop optimisation and debottlenecking projects, develop plant monitoring systems, prepare scoping studies and DBMs for expansion projects, develop process design basis for issuing to EPC companies, and more.

We are skilled at compression, mole sieve dehydration, cryogenic operation, turbo-expanders, complex heat exchange networks, distillation, propylene/propane splitters, amine treating, mole sieve product treating, hydro-treating, product storage and transportation.

We understand that the most critical time to determine an asset’s reliability is during its design.

Decisions made during this initial phase can have significant long term impacts on the performance of an asset and therefore the business as a whole.

Managing risk is one of Ausenco’s fortes. We excel at risk mitigation and management. Ausenco has successfully solved the challenges involving several hundred tie-ins for piping, electrical, instrumentation/automation and other infrastructure. We have the expertise to understand the impacts of related and non-related systems within the facilities and how to engineer and plan around shut downs, turnarounds, hot plant work and equipment commissioning and start-up. Our organisation was one of the first in the oil and gas industry to pioneer the use of laser scan technology for collecting field data and has been successfully using it for over 14 years.

Once an asset is operational, we measure, monitor and control its performance. Any underperforming assets are looked at closely to identify and correct the root causes of the issues as soon as possible. Our extensive experience in reliability engineering ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the level of support our clients are seeking.

We offer the following services in reliability engineering:

  • Design for reliability studies (DFRS)
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) training and mentoring
  • Defect elimination (DE) process design and implementation
  • Reliability centred maintenance (RCM) training and implementation
  • Data analysis services
  • Project benefit analysis and business plan development