Oil & Gas


From small, one-off projects to large-scale multifaceted projects, we are adept at ensuring all systems and components of our clients’ infrastructure, plants and equipment are designed, constructed and tested, to ensure all parts will function at optimum level once operation commences.

We offer operational readiness services to assist in getting a plant to nameplate capacity and once in operation, we ensure it is maintained at this level.

We also have experience in commissioning projects that are already in existence but are undergoing an expansion, renovation or are being entirely revamped.

We use our knowledge and expertise in applying engineering techniques and processes to check, examine and test every operational component of the project, from a single function right through to a complex combination of functions.

Our main goal is to ensure a safe and effective handover of the project to our client and to guarantee that once complete, the performance, reliability and safety of their operation will continue. At Ausenco, we take every step to ensure that this stage is delivered successfully as it is an essential element in determining a project’s future success.