Consulting Services

Water Resource Management

We provide a range of water management services and specialise in surface water, groundwater and water balance.

Hydrology and hydrogeological characterisation

We offer a complete range of services for hydrological characterisation and civil-hydraulic design of mining facilities. A typical service package includes site-specific hydrological characterisation; extreme precipitation analysis and site-wide and facility-specific water balances, both deterministic and probabilistic. This can include determination of the quantities of fresh water supply, circulating flows, moisture contents, water storage requirements and treated water discharge over the life of the project and decommissioning period. Our approach combines process driven flows with climatic dependent components such as catchment modelling for water availability, flow throughout the vadose zone of heaps and dumps, and groundwater study outputs. We can also perform analyses of accountability of quality and usage to better understand interaction of natural and industry processes.

Water supply and mine water management

We offer a broad list of services to help identify and protect our clients’ water supply resources and will characterise and quantify our clients’ project’s impact on surface water and ground water flows.

Our design capabilities are supported by state-of-the-art numerical modelling techniques that allow us to predict run-off and groundwater flow, ensuring that have the accurate information to make project decisions and assist in design and management of structures.

The management of surface water and groundwater is essential in all mining projects with needs ranging from water supply for mineral processing, dewatering of mine workings and pit slopes, diversion of surface water around mine facilities to minimisation of environmental impacts.

Surface water hydrology assessments focus on determining stream flow for current local and regional conditions, as well as potential future conditions. Assessments typically involve site visits to establish hydrographic characteristics, such as the surface cover type of the watershed, erosion factors, meteorological data analysis, historic and current stream flow measurements, and watershed hydraulic modelling.

Integrated water management analysis of projects includes a review of local and regional development plans for watersheds. Using the results of current and future water management strategies and hydraulic modelling, we work with clients to assist with decision-making process matrices for specific project water management plans. These results can also be useful when used in conjunction with environmental studies.

The characterisation of surface storage reservoirs is based primarily on site conditions and project requirements. Site conditions define reservoir foundation requirements to ensure that impoundments can safely retain water or mine facilities.