Operations & Maintenance

Criticality Assessment

The shutdown of critical assets, whether planned or unplanned, can have significant productivity and financial impacts on an organization.

To help reduce these effects, teams need to understand which assets are critical to keeping an operation running and which ones pose potential health, safety, and environmental risks. By ranking critical assets based on these opportunities and risks, organizations can make important — and sometimes quick — asset optimization decisions with greater confidence.

At Ausenco, we provide a framework and methodology — using a proven decision matrix — that enables organizations to understand their critical assets better. In doing so, our clients see several benefits, including:

  • Improved operational availability of critical assets
  • Reduced risk; priorities are better managed, and critical/bottleneck assets are in better control
  • Maintenance and operation cost optimization
  • Improved safety and environmental performance related to critical/bottleneck assets

Our team of experts supports operation and maintenance personnel in asset-intensive industries across the globe to take ownership and implement best practices for the management of their most critical assets.