Spare parts need to be on hand for organizations to carry out required and routine asset maintenance proactively. Without spare parts on hand, organisations can experience excessive downtime when they fail and be subject to higher costs to find spare parts quickly and keep their operation running. Failure to hold an optimum level of spares exposes the business to risk.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul spares represent up to 60% of resources invested in maintenance, which means precise material management is crucial — and potentially complex. To tackle these challenges, our team of asset optimization experts can provide valuable support and advice, helping you mitigate risks and increase return on investment in those resources:

  • Analyze stock service level and replenishments
  • Forecast periodic consumption (based on strategies, BOMs and operating plans)
  • Revise stocking policies and calculations (MRP/Replenishment parameters)
  • Stores and stocks assessment & organization
  • Process optimization and coaching (material management)