Operations & Maintenance

Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness (OR) ensures your business can confidently achieve operational targets from day one. Failure to achieve the production, operational and business goals from commencement of operations can erode both the value of the project and the confidence of the owner. Investing in operational readiness at the earliest stages of a new project’s lifecycle will drive substantial benefits, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Increased asset reliability
  • Optimised safety practices
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater long-term productivity

Our extensive experience across the life of major global projects from pre-feasibility, construction, commissioning, and operations means we have the in-house expertise to ensure our clients are positioned to overcome challenges and project complexities and achieve their production goals from day one.

We leverage our specialists from across the world to build a seamless team that considers the planning of critical tasks from the very early stages of an assets’ lifecycle up to the stable operations and production states. Our operational readiness program covers both strategic analysis such as project needs definition and risk identification, as well as tactical executions such as the development and implementation of work procedures, systems, and tools.

Our approach

We work closely with our clients to tailor their OR investment in line with the operating strategy ensuring readiness to operate starts from day one, the foundations for organizational resilience are set, and operational challenges throughout the life of the asset can be overcome.

As your true partner, we:

  • Educate your team on the key concepts and values of OR so the right direction is taken from day one.
  • Advise your management on all aspects of the readiness to operate.
  • Support your organization by assisting or executing the operational readiness tasks before start-up and throughout steady-state.

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