Minerals & Metals

Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies

We have successfully completed studies for clients all around the world, including initial concept studies, pre-feasibility studies suitable for preliminary financial assessment to allow ‘go/no-go’ type decisions, and definitive studies used for assisting in the procurement of project financing.

Our studies involve all project areas extending to geology, mining, infrastructure and financial modelling, some of which have been undertaken by qualified sub-consultants, with Ausenco responsible for overall study management and coordination.

From hot, wet tropical locations to dry, cold high-altitude sites, we have designed efficient plants around the world and in the most challenging climates.

We examine the flowsheet closely to confirm the process design, challenging assumptions to ensure it is optimised. We perform trade-off studies to select the best equipment for the duty and risk mitigation. Our procurement experts have worldwide reach to source the most cost-effective bulks and equipment supply.

With the process design confirmed, we focus on reducing bulk materials and labour costs by

  • leveraging natural contours to minimise overall earthworks volumes
  • compacting the layout footprint to use less steel, concrete, piping and cable
  • minimising the height of all structures
  • questioning support infrastructure to ensure it is the minimum required for safe, reliable operation
  • challenging the need for expensive enclosed process buildings and associated overhead cranage requirements.

Our engineers and project managers track and manage bulk quantities across the design process.

We offer high-level process engineering expertise, management of feasibility studies, and complete services through trusted alliances and joint ventures.