Atmospheric Sciences

Air quality, noise, vibration, odour, light, and climate change planning are imperative in today’s environmental consulting industry.

Understanding these components of our atmosphere and managing the effects of excess air emissions, noise, and odour in natural and industrial settings can influence a project’s success and acceptance in a community. Ausenco’s growing team of atmospheric scientists offer baseline characterization studies, modelling, analysis, monitoring, and mitigation measures to manage these effects, inform environmental management decisions, and support project success.

The specialized services provided by our Atmospheric team help clients meet local, regional, provincial, and national regulatory requirements pertaining to air quality, climate and greenhouse gases, noise and vibration, and light emissions. Whether you are in the government, mining, oil and gas, power, transportation, industrial, or forestry sectors, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to fully support your project.

Sound and Noise Monitoring Services:

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Noise impact assessments
    • Responses to audit findings
    • Interpretation of and compliance with legislation
  • Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments
    • Sound source acoustic analyses
    • Baseline sound surveys
    • Peer reviews of assessment reports
    • Blasting measurements and assessments
    • Noise and vibration modelling
  • Monitoring and Issues Identification
    • Ambient monitoring
    • Diagnostic measurement of operational projects
    • Compliance monitoring
    • Noise complaint investigation
  • Mitigation and Noise control
    • Review and adaptation of acoustic design specifications
    • Identification of barriers for noise attenuation
    • Site layout optimization for sensitive receptors
    • Silencers for exhaust and ventilation system
    • Performance analysis of acoustic equipment
  • Tools
    • CadnaA and INM acoustic simulation software
    • Sound level meters that meet Ansi Type 1 specifications
    • Concurrent audio recording portable weather station recording wind, temperature, and precipitation conditions

Air Quality and Emission Assessment Services

  • Emissions assessment and management
  • Review of global climate change regulations and initiatives
  • Ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring
  • Baseline monitoring for air contaminants, dust, and odour
  • Construction monitoring
  • Spill and emergency response air quality monitoring
  • Development of dust, odour, and air quality management plans
  • Real-time data analysis, reporting, and data management
  • Facility permitting and approvals
  • Indoor air quality testing (chemicals, mould, asbestos)
  • Communication and public consultation
  • Third-party peer review