Expert Reviews

Expert advice, accurate analysis, and independent objectivity are the cornerstone of our Expert Review services. Put Ausenco’s Auditing and Review team to work on your project.

We offer clients over two decades of experience conducting third-party expert reviews of proposed and operational projects for a variety of clients across all sectors. Our specialist practitioners have completed environmental management system audits, environmental compliance audits, reviews of corrective action plans and emergency response plans, in addition to conducting site inspections to evaluate best practices. Our team includes experienced practitioners in engineering, site remediation, risk assessment, environmental evaluation, and remediation management. We also offer expert review of International Standards compliance, local, provincial, territorial, and national legislation, provincial or federal permits and approvals, and community and First Nations engagement activities.

Our knowledgeable practitioners have earned proud reputations for providing objective expert reviews that support senior decision-makers in better understanding and managing the risks related to projects and the environments in which they operate.