Atmospheric Sciences

Air quality, meteorology, odour, noise, vibration, lighting, and climate change planning studies are critical components for approval of projects in today’s regulatory environment.

Our team of experts can help you plan and manage atmospheric studies for your project. Whatever the project, and regardless of the phase, our atmospheric scientists provide baseline studies, modelling, analysis, monitoring, and mitigation recommendations to:

  • manage effects,
  • inform environmental management decisions, and
  • support project success.

Our specialized Atmospheric Science services help you meet local, regional, provincial, and national regulatory requirements.

Meteorological and Air Quality Services:

  • Baseline Sampling
    • Urban or remote meteorological, air quality and odour sampling stations
    • Metals or hazardous air pollutant sampling
    • Compliance monitoring
  • Air Quality Assessment and Management
    • Emissions assessment and dispersion modelling
    • Emergency response planning and assessment
    • Transport and fate assessments
    • Permitting and air quality management plans
    • Third-party peer review
  • Climate, Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Services
    • GHG reduction planning, inventory development including lifecycle analysis
    • GHG program monitoring and reporting
    • Historical and future climate scenarios analysis and climate risk assessment
    • Carbon neutral scenario evaluation, including bioenergy assessment

Noise Monitoring Services:

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Noise impact assessments
    • Compliance monitoring and investigation
  • Noise and Vibration Impact Assessments
    • Baseline sound surveys
    • Noise and vibration modelling
  • Mitigation and Noise control
    • Acoustic design specifications
    • Noise mitigation design and performance analysis