Environment & Social Sciences

Protecting natural and human environments is now more important than ever, and preserving fragile ecosystems and ensuring the health and safety of the communities near mine sites can present challenges to launching and operating a successful mine.

Regulatory agencies across the globe are becoming increasingly vigilant and have rigorous requirements for obtaining the necessary permits. We understand the importance of providing ethical, economical and environmental solutions for our clients, meeting international standards and best practice guidelines.

We are committed to ensuring our people are focused on the environment and sustainability to ensure our impact on the world around us is as beneficial as possible.

We are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for both our clients and our environment. Our sustainability solutions cover several areas, including:

  • Environmental and social impact assessments, complying with local, national and World Bank Guidelines, as required.
  • Integrated Environmental Management Plans, for construction phases of projects.
  • Specialised studies and monitoring for aquatic and terrestrial biology; air and water quality; vibration and noise; and sociological and anthropological considerations.
  • Permitting support from the earliest stages of project initiation, through ESIAs, and into closure and post-closure.
  • Energy management expertise through defining the emission sources, establishing operating efficiencies and assessing renewable energy options for consideration under voluntary emission reduction carbon trading.

Our sustainability solutions can be applied across any project.