Socioeconomic Services

Contemporary development projects require a unique perspective due to the growing focus on positive and demonstrable environmental, social, and health outcomes.

Construction, operation, and decommissioning of a project is likely to have an impact on the economic, social, and health conditions of the communities and populations in the area of influence of the project. We share this concern, and our team has developed an approach that is founded on the values of community-based participatory research.

Our team identifies potential health and social impacts of proposed policies, projects, and programs, and informs decision-makers, working closely with them to minimize adverse effects while maximizing community benefits.

We work closely with our clients and the communities to determine the level of assessment and research methodologies that are most appropriate for each project and community. Our Socioeconomics service offering includes:

  • Indigenous knowledge and use services
  • Indigenous interest assessments
  • Socio-economic and community baseline studies and community profiles
  • Stakeholder interviews and primary socio-economic data collection
  • Socio-economic and cumulative effects assessments
  • Socio-economic mitigation strategy development and implementation
  • Socio-economic management planning and monitoring
  • Providing comprehensive socio-economic impact assessment (SEIA) services.
  • Examining how a project will affect local and regional economies, community services and infrastructure, community health and wellbeing, and land and marine resource use.
  • Social due diligence and risk assessments
  • Social monitoring and evaluation
  • Regulatory advice and support