Understanding the complex interactions at work under, on, and above the earth – this is the expertise of Ausenco’s Geosciences team.

Whether your project needs to stand on firm ground, tunnel under it, or tower above it, the challenges can seem daunting. That is why our world-class team of geotechnical engineers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, geochemists, and atmospheric scientists with their combined 200+ years of experience stands ready to help. Using an interdisciplinary approach, our senior consultants work collaboratively to understand the environmental interactions that affect our client’s projects. We are committed to data-driven interpretation and guided by a pragmatic philosophy of finding cost-effective solutions to complex problems.

Our geosciences group supports a diverse clientele that spans mining, infrastructure, and other large development projects across many sectors of the economy. Clients have come to rely on the diversity and depth of our expertise through any or all stages of a project’s life cycle – from conceptual design to approvals, construction, operation, and closure.

Together, our team applies knowledge and understanding of international best practices to solve complex technical challenges while navigating local and international regulatory requirements and corporate environmental sustainability goals.