• Molikpaq Project: Arctic engineering for first oil production platform in Russian Arctic

    Molikpaq Spacer and Modifications

  • Climate change and ice road operations

    Communities and businesses in arctic regions must stay knowledgeable about ice road operability issues. The Ausenco team examines and identifies the impact of climate change on ice road conditions and operations.

  • Extending ice road operations

    One of the challenges of working in artic regions is the short time window within which ice road operations are viable. Ausenco has the know-how to extend the spring operation of ice roads one to two weeks. Find out how.

  • Ice pads for exploratory drilling

    Exploration drilling projects in arctic and northern regions often take place in remote, cold, isolated and demanding locations such as lakes, muskeg areas and oceans.

  • Call us before you shoot your next film on thin ice!

    Working on ice poses safety risks to film crews and their equipment. There are times when a commercial schedule requires that a film shoot be taken early in the season – literally on thin ice! This is even more challenging when the area is subject to rapidly changing weather as is the case in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Molikpaq Project: Arctic drilling caisson bearing refit for high seismic area

    Molikpaq Seismic Bearing Replacement