Image: Townsville: Enhancement of council waste and water asset management practices

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Townsville: Enhancement of council waste and water asset management practices

Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Townsville City Council

Townsville is located halfway between the tip of Cape York and Brisbane in north Queensland, Australia.

Townsville City Council’s Commercial Business Division engaged Ausenco Rylson to undertake an assessment of the asset management and maintenance practices of its Water and Waste Water Operations.

The objective was to provide the Commercial Business Division with a base lined standard from which areas of deficiency could be improved and areas functioning well could be identified.


The audit involved a review of the council’s asset management procedures, policies and practices. Interviews and discussions were conducted with a wide range of personnel. In addition, the council’s Asset Management Plan and maintenance strategies were thoroughly reviewed.

The audit enabled Ausenco Rylson to develop a quantitative rating of the council’s maturity level or “understanding” of improvements required and improvement opportunities that existed.

The assessment resulted in common themes emerging consistent across the business unit. Based on these themes, recommendations for improvement were presented to Townsville City Council. The recommendations were made on the basis that they can assist Townsville City Council enhance their asset management practices and deliver their required level of service at an optimal cost, whilst maintaining world class safety and environmental standards.