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Indigenous Engagement and Consultation

Inclusive, respectful, and responsive engagement and consultation with Indigenous groups; Ausenco unites people with information and practical solutions that strengthen projects and communities.

With an ever-increasing focus on the role of engagement, consultation, and negotiation, and discussions between clients, project proponents, communities, and regulators, Indigenous engagement remains a principal component of project planning. The ability to demonstrate positive relationships with communities, while effectively addressing possible conflicts of interest, is instrumental to the overall success of land and resource development projects.

Backed by decades of relevant experience, our team recognizes the key role of Indigenous groups in the decision-making processes associated with land and resource planning and development, and the complex and evolving legal and policy context underpinning Indigenous consultation requirements. We offer an increasingly broad range of programs and services specifically tailored to supporting Indigenous communities, government agencies, and private sector clients. Our team has established positive, long-term working relationships with Indigenous communities that benefit clients and communities alike.

At Ausenco, our Indigenous engagement team respects the cultural heritage present within Traditional Territories, and we acknowledge and respect the constitutional rights and title of Indigenous groups. Our experience working with our clients and Indigenous communities spans a variety of project settings and regulatory contexts. Our community and Indigenous engagement services include:

  • Developing and implementing corporate Indigenous programs
  • Designing relationship-based consultation and engagement strategies to address the unique needs, interests, and requirements of our clients and the communities they serve
  • Advising, developing, and implementing project-based consultation and engagement plans
  • Facilitating engagement, consultation, negotiations and dispute resolution processes
  • Implementing project agreements with public and Indigenous communities and supporting client-based change management initiatives
  • Identifying community-related concerns and risks and devising strategic mitigation strategies
  • Performing community-based capacity and skills assessments, including training, employment, and procurement support
  • Managing and coordinating events and logistics, facilitating engagement, and consultation meetings or events
  • Managing and tracking consultation data and implementing internal/external reporting requirements